Friday, February 6, 2009


Someone that I consider very dear to me is going to have a baby. I am happy for him and he will make a phenomenal father but it has me thinking...
You see, I can't have anymore kids....not without a lot of work. Reut refuses to consider adoption.I'm not sure if we will try for one more or not....we already have 3. Two boys and one girl. Ages: 7,4, and 3.
Doing the work needed to have another baby is going to cost us thousands of dollars....then I read about this octuplet mother who has been living off of disability payments for the last 7 years and SOMEHOW she can afford In-Vetro. WTF. I thought that costs A LOT?!?!?
I guess if we decide to try for another baby I can always quit my job and go on welfare and MAYBE just MAYBE the government will pay for me to get pregnant....oh yeah, and we have to sell our house and move back in with our parents...

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