Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Dread Tomorrow!

Being in admissions, you always dread friday....DUMP DAY! Now it being a holiday weekend the hospitals are going to dump AS MANY PATIENTS AS POSSIBLE. I happen to have a few open beds and I am guessing I will fill everyone of them tomorrow...probably...which means I most likely will not be off in time to do some serious tail gating before the Royals game. Its $1 night baby! Atleast I will get to excape my day with my man, beer, and no kids!
On a whole different note ~ 2 weeks and a day and I will be married.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So I got a new job...
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Sounds important, huh?
All I know is that I love nursing but I need to be able to have a voice (Lord, knows I have a loud one). I will have a voice here. If a patient is in need of skilled nursing and they or their family are interested in my facility I will come visit them in the hospital (or the family can come visit me in my NEW OFFICE)and make the clinical judgement if they are a candidate for skilled nursing. I have pretty awesome people skills and patients and family members are usually very receptive of me. I set my own schedule and I am provided a company cell phone. I get 3 weeks of vacation right off the bat and 72 hours of sick time. This job requires me to dress business casual...bye bye scrubs! Maybe I won't gain any more weight since I will be wearing something other than draw string pants.
I'm excited, this could open up a whole new world of opportunity. At the VERY LEAST it will look great on my resume.
I start Wednesday....wish me luck!

P.S.- 1 month and 2 days until my wedding...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I got off my lazy ass and joined the gym. I did cardio today and as a nurse I know what an "unhealthy" heart rate is....lets put it this way....I might as well be a 400lb smoker!
Reut used to be so anal about going to the gym...he's been slacking...and I just never went. I would rather stay home and watch soap operas until he gets back. :) I always said "I'm not running unless the police or a dog is chasing me."
Well Reut had an epiphany, he is in a wedding in June and he had to get fitted for his tux. Lets just say he DID NOT like his measurements! (He's too hard on himself...he still looks amazing.)
He went and got us supplements and vitamins and such and we went grocery shopping. Holy crap, healthy food is hella expensive. He knows me all too well...if you can't fry it, I can't cook it. He has been making my lunch the night before...if he doesn't he knows all do something retarded like eat 40 starbursts for lunch...with a coke...I'm a nurse..that's how we roll.
Truth be known I am pumped...I have a wedding dress I need to look phenomenal in!
To be continued.....

Monday, February 9, 2009


Reut asked me to marry him today. Obviously I said yes! I was supposed to work today but he got one of my co-workers to trade me so I would be off. We were just "looking" at rings and then he sent me clothes shopping for the kids. While I was trying to find the boys clothes they wouldn't be able to tear up in 2 seconds he bought me the most gorgeous ring. Its white gold, princess cut..but its different...the princess cut is tilted so that it makes it unique...oh yea, and it has 5 round diamonds on each side. He has great taste...obviously...he picked me!
The posts should start getting very interesting since I have a wedding to plan!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Someone that I consider very dear to me is going to have a baby. I am happy for him and he will make a phenomenal father but it has me thinking...
You see, I can't have anymore kids....not without a lot of work. Reut refuses to consider adoption.I'm not sure if we will try for one more or not....we already have 3. Two boys and one girl. Ages: 7,4, and 3.
Doing the work needed to have another baby is going to cost us thousands of dollars....then I read about this octuplet mother who has been living off of disability payments for the last 7 years and SOMEHOW she can afford In-Vetro. WTF. I thought that costs A LOT?!?!?
I guess if we decide to try for another baby I can always quit my job and go on welfare and MAYBE just MAYBE the government will pay for me to get pregnant....oh yeah, and we have to sell our house and move back in with our parents...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Messed Up!

Even the news is obsessed with celebrities. There were some pictures of Jessica Simpson posted this past weekend where she looked a little "thicker" than normal, Jesus Christ, she looks like she has eaten something besides salad and laxatives...then the New York Post prints this.....
No wonder my endocrinologist thinks I'm morbidly obese.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


One day me and Reut were laying in bed and I asked him what was something that he has never done that he would love to do? He said before he dies he would love to go to Fenway Park....
Well I am currently making it happen. I bought us 2 tickets to the Red Sox vs Yankees game at Fenway in August...I figured if we are going to go we might as well go big!
I wanted to get the him the best seats our prison salaries would let me afford and I did...we are infield and everything...but now I know why they can afford to pay their players so much!
He is going to fall in love with me all over again.... and I love that!


So in the midst of my Granny passing I forgot to blog about my dreaded doctors appointment 2 weeks ago.
I went to see my Endocrinologist who was appalled when I stepped on the scale and he instantly labels me as "morbidly obese." Is he freakin serious!?!?!?! I wasn't even mad...I wanted to die laughing. I am 5'8" and a size 12! Would I like to be thinner, sure, but I am more than okay being what I call "THICK" as long as it means I can eat more than just salad. So then he proceeds to tell me that I need to LOSE 60LBS. I honestly think I will look like Skeletor.....
My other half (Reut) is a health FREAK who goes to the gym daily (I'm not hateing...he has 20 inch biceps..which I LOVE) and eats a ton of protein... well now the doctor has him all freaked out and he took all the good crap out of the house. No chips, ice cream, and the big one SODA. I went through sugar withdrawal for a good 3 days and I was a total bitch. Chicken breast and rice just isn't near as good as Mexican food! He knows he isn't going to drag me to the gym...that's just not going to happen. I guess he figures he is going to "help" me at home. Where as I do applaud his efforts I still would kill him for a real coke to be in my fridge!
I have lost 7lbs...which is good...but I have NO will power and I could gain all of that back in one sitting at a buffet!
I shall keep you posted

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Sucked

I'm sad to say that my Granny passed away on the 12th. So that being said we had to arrange her funeral. My Granny is from Arkansas and my Grandpa is buried there as well so we set everything up for the services to be in Lamar, AR (population 1,946, up 17% from 2000)
My dad said to me, "You don't have to go, all we are doing is driving 6 hrs for a 20 min service then driving right back." For those of you who know my dad....that means he wants someone to come but he would NEVER EVER ask. So I rode with my dad. There were hours of awkward silence but we made it.
(Let me just say in that little town of NOTHING there was 2 Mexican stores painted bright green...I swear they are everywhere)
My family, keeping true to their white trash roots, was dressed for a tractor pull instead of a funeral. My Aunt, the one who got the shovel, had on a hoodie that zipped up with only a bra on underneath it and camo gloves. My uncle had on camo pants and my dads cousin had on a orange camo jacket. The cemetery was 300ft away from a donkey farm. All through the service we heard eeeeeeeeoohhhhhhhhhhh.
So my Granny was laid to rest in true Arkansas fashion....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only my family

God, my family sucks balls. They act so white trash sometimes. There was the dreaded "family meeting" today over my sick Granny and at one point my aunt went outside got a shovel and brought it back into the house with every intention of smashing my uncles head into the next room.....who the hell does that? All my family is worried about is how much money they are going to get when my Granny dies. Truth be known it's like $100,000 but by the time you pay all the attorney fees and the estate fees and they split it BETWEEN 10 KIDS....there isn't much left.
Get Aunt came to town to help take care of my Granny and she did the family a "favor" by making a family tree... She is such a bitch...Im adopted so she didn't feel I had a spot on that tree...Oh, my parents and my sister and my niece are on there but not me or my children. When I confronted her about it she said that she was tracing the "real" family. I have never in my life been so close to punching a 60 year old in the mouth.....maybe I should have my other Aunt get that shovel............................................