Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So in the midst of my Granny passing I forgot to blog about my dreaded doctors appointment 2 weeks ago.
I went to see my Endocrinologist who was appalled when I stepped on the scale and he instantly labels me as "morbidly obese." Is he freakin serious!?!?!?! I wasn't even mad...I wanted to die laughing. I am 5'8" and a size 12! Would I like to be thinner, sure, but I am more than okay being what I call "THICK" as long as it means I can eat more than just salad. So then he proceeds to tell me that I need to LOSE 60LBS. I honestly think I will look like Skeletor.....
My other half (Reut) is a health FREAK who goes to the gym daily (I'm not hateing...he has 20 inch biceps..which I LOVE) and eats a ton of protein... well now the doctor has him all freaked out and he took all the good crap out of the house. No chips, ice cream, and the big one SODA. I went through sugar withdrawal for a good 3 days and I was a total bitch. Chicken breast and rice just isn't near as good as Mexican food! He knows he isn't going to drag me to the gym...that's just not going to happen. I guess he figures he is going to "help" me at home. Where as I do applaud his efforts I still would kill him for a real coke to be in my fridge!
I have lost 7lbs...which is good...but I have NO will power and I could gain all of that back in one sitting at a buffet!
I shall keep you posted

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