Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Sucked

I'm sad to say that my Granny passed away on the 12th. So that being said we had to arrange her funeral. My Granny is from Arkansas and my Grandpa is buried there as well so we set everything up for the services to be in Lamar, AR (population 1,946, up 17% from 2000)
My dad said to me, "You don't have to go, all we are doing is driving 6 hrs for a 20 min service then driving right back." For those of you who know my dad....that means he wants someone to come but he would NEVER EVER ask. So I rode with my dad. There were hours of awkward silence but we made it.
(Let me just say in that little town of NOTHING there was 2 Mexican stores painted bright green...I swear they are everywhere)
My family, keeping true to their white trash roots, was dressed for a tractor pull instead of a funeral. My Aunt, the one who got the shovel, had on a hoodie that zipped up with only a bra on underneath it and camo gloves. My uncle had on camo pants and my dads cousin had on a orange camo jacket. The cemetery was 300ft away from a donkey farm. All through the service we heard eeeeeeeeoohhhhhhhhhhh.
So my Granny was laid to rest in true Arkansas fashion....

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