Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I got off my lazy ass and joined the gym. I did cardio today and as a nurse I know what an "unhealthy" heart rate is....lets put it this way....I might as well be a 400lb smoker!
Reut used to be so anal about going to the gym...he's been slacking...and I just never went. I would rather stay home and watch soap operas until he gets back. :) I always said "I'm not running unless the police or a dog is chasing me."
Well Reut had an epiphany, he is in a wedding in June and he had to get fitted for his tux. Lets just say he DID NOT like his measurements! (He's too hard on himself...he still looks amazing.)
He went and got us supplements and vitamins and such and we went grocery shopping. Holy crap, healthy food is hella expensive. He knows me all too well...if you can't fry it, I can't cook it. He has been making my lunch the night before...if he doesn't he knows all do something retarded like eat 40 starbursts for lunch...with a coke...I'm a nurse..that's how we roll.
Truth be known I am pumped...I have a wedding dress I need to look phenomenal in!
To be continued.....

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